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Donausteig Stage 1_N03 Niederranna – Obermühl "Through the wonders of the Schlögener Schlinge"

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Tour and route information

  • Starting place: 4085 Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis
  • Starting point: Niederranna - The Donausteig-starting place 'Niederrana' is located directly next to the ship dock 'Niederranna' (South of the Draxler Inn) Only reachable by foot!
  • Destination: 4131 Kirchberg ob der Donau
  • Destination: Obermühl - The Donausteig-Starting place 'Obermühl' is located close to 40m south of the parish church (on the south end of the parking lot)
Duration: 6h 30m
Length: 20,1 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 653m
Altitude difference (downhill): 649m
Lowest point: 277m
Highest point: 563m



Panoramic view:


Paths covering:

  • Asphalt
  • Gravel
  • Hiking trail

Most economical season:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
Short description:
The Donausteig-Simply amazing! At this stage we walk from the forested Niederranna Donauengtal (valley) over the rural Mühlviertler high plateau to the center of the deeply buried Schlögener Donauschlinge and then along the meandering River Danube to Obermühl. Along the walk we discover the importance of fisheries during the Middle Ages, the transformation of feudal knights to robber barons , the magnificent natural wonders of the Schlögener Schlinge, and the strange world of the Danube as a waterway...  

Technique: ***

Quality of experience: ******

Recommended season:
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

  • Multi-stage route
  • Scenic
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Family friendly
  • Cultural/historical value
  • Geological highlights
  • Botanical highlights
  • Faunistic highlights

Seal of approval:
  • Quality route according to "Österreichisches Wandergütesiegel"

Starting point for this stage of the Danausteig is Niederranna. The small Danube village lies on a fertile alluvial terrace in the forested gorge of the upper Danube. The village's origin brings questions to mind-the answer can be found in the settlement picture! By the banks of the Danube, we go through the settlement over to the valley flank and continue on downstream. The forest roads then bring us through the steep mixed woodland of the Danube and lead up to the enchanting high plateau of the Mühlviertler Highlands. Now we are walking through a diverse countryside: lush meadows & fields, numerous woodlands, scattered farms... On a dirt road the path goes first through the farm settlement of Hundsfülling and continues then on a farm road in a wide arc right down to the hidden Bockbachtal (valley). There the road again enters into the mixed forest of the Donauleiten. After a short downhill stroll, the path regains altitude and continues downstream along the edge of the rural plateau's grounds. A forest clearing provides us with a wonderful look into the Danube valley. From Gasthof Pühringer one continues first along a footpath, and then continues down an access road leading to the mystical Castle Marshall Creek, once a dreaded robber baron's nest! After a short descent we begin our ascend on an ancient footpath through the beautiful woods of the Danube to reach the rural high plateau! A road offering beautiful sights of meadows and fields leads us to the village Dorf. Here begins our hike over the long Ridge, encircled by the Schlögener Danube river loop. A promising farm road brings us at first comfortably downhill. The road offers beautiful views of the usually "forgotten" second bend of the Schlögener Loop! Later in the forest, a forest trail continues up to the fabled ruins of the Castle Haichenbach. The Panorama platform on the keep is the highlight of this stage! From left to right a magnificent view opens up of the Danube: we are at the heart of the natural wonder, the Schlögener Loop! Further on, a beautiful walking path leads down the forest back. The path continues down the steep flank of the forest through attractive woodland and ravines to the alluvial terrace of Au. The walk follows now the mighty Danube River in its deeply dug Valley. The first stage begins along a paved river path. In the second bend of the Schlögener loop, we walk on the wild, romantic and partly secured nature park path "Donauschlinge" along the steep Danauleiten. This section of the trail requires Surefootedness and an absence of vertigo fear. Across from Inzell, a secluded road along the embankment, brings us in about 5 km, past the alluvial terrace of Grafenau to Obermühl. 


Discover the following features with the Danube trail diary:

-Niederranna-On the tracks of the fishermen

-Donausteig-starting place "Niederranna"

-View "Hofkirchen & Pfarrkirchen"

-View "Danube bridge Wesenufer Niederranna"

-View "Wesenufer-the third oldest Donauort of Upper Austria"

-Chapels - narrative monuments

-Castle Marsbach - Fear and Horror!

-On Knight's paths?

- ...

Download: Danube trail diary "Stage 1_N03 Niederranna Obermühl" - to follow!

From the Donausteig-starting place "Niederranna" the trail begins with a 50 meters walk upstreams along the banks of the Danube, turns right and follows at the next T junction the road to the right up to the main road. Once crossed, the trail continues on a flat track to the public baths. At the public baths the trail climbs through a steep forest up to the Donauleiten. During the ascent a road brings us to the Mühlviertler Highlands, where we leave the forest and over dirt roads reach the rural settlement of Hundsfülling. A farm road leads at first to the right over a small terrain and continues in a wide curve down down into the Bockbachtal (valley). At the single house the asphalt road finally changes into a roadway. Shortly thereafter the hike continues back downhill through the forest of the Donauleiten. Turning left at the next junction the route begins to ascend and follows the Danube River along the edge of the rural plateau. In front of the Pühringer inn the trail continues as a footpath, and then on into a service road down to the Marsbach Castle. In front of the Castle a forest road follows left into down to the Marsbach (stream). From there we walk right on a beautiful forest path parallel to the Danube up to the rural plateau. At this point, dirt roads lead to the small settlement of the village Dorf. There take left and shortly after, a right. From here begins a hike along the long Ridge which is encircled by the Danube Schlögen loop. At first, a farm road brings us comfortably down to the edge of the forest. Then we reach the ruins of Haichenberg (observation deck and Donausteig-resting area "Ruins of Haichenbach") over a sloping forest path following a straight extension. Behind it, a wonderful trail leads back down to the forest and continues approx. 300 m later to the left. Via an atmospheric forest and ravines the path leads down to the rural alluvial terrace of Au. From here, we can follow the Danube with its narrow gorges downstream, always close at the waterline. Continue first from the ferry dock about 1 km along a paved River path, afterwards on the narrow, partially secured "Donauschlinge" trail (Surefootedness and a certain head for heights required!). After 2.8 km, across from Inzell, a paved road brings us to the Donausteig-resting area "Grafenau" located on the alluvial terrace of Grafenau. Finally the trail continues on the lonely quay approx. 4.2 km to Obermühl (Donausteig-resting area "Kleine Mühl", Donausteig-starting place "Obermühl").


To help orientation, the donausteig was provided with its own orientation system - you will find the description here.

Simply discover and enjoy! The Naturwalk 'Danauschlinge' offers us somewhat walkable instructions to discover the wonders of the upper Danube valley.

Safety guidelines:
Sturdy shoes are a must (Donauleiten)

Apart from sturdy shoes and simple hiking equipment no further esentials are needed.

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Accessibility / arrival

Getting there
From the Church in Niederranna follow the street west and after the Draxler Inn's parking lot turn left. At the end of the street, a foot path leads to the Danube where 50m downstream in front the Draxler Inn lies the starting place (Navigation: A-4085 Niederranna, Niederranna 3).



Public Transit
Niederranna can be reached by bus. A transfer back from Obermühl is possible however there is no direct connection and travel times take a few hours! Information on travel times online:  .

Car park at the Niederranna sports ground

Travelling by public transport

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Along the trail

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River miles: 2194,7+50 bis 2194,7-50 Shore: left bank System: pipe pontoon Harbour regulations: 2 boats (max. width 32 m) Boarding height: 1,55 m Infrastructure: on demand at WGD Approx. 33 km...

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River miles: 2177,8+9 bis 2177,7+32 Shore: left bank System: quay wall Harbour regulations: 2 boats (max. width 32 m) Boarding height: 0,8 m Infrastructure: on demand at WGD • 50 km to Passau, 43...

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Direction information: Departure

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River miles: 2194,7+50 bis 2194,7-50 Shore: left bank System: pipe pontoon Harbour regulations: 2 boats (max. width 32 m) Boarding height: 1,55 m Infrastructure: on demand at WGD Approx. 33 km...

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River miles: 2177,8+9 bis 2177,7+32 Shore: left bank System: quay wall Harbour regulations: 2 boats (max. width 32 m) Boarding height: 0,8 m Infrastructure: on demand at WGD • 50 km to Passau, 43...

Donausteig Stage 1_N03 Niederranna – Obermühl 'Through the wonders of the Schlögener Schlinge'
Starting place: Hofkirchen im Mühlkreis

Duration: 6h 30m

Length: 20.1 km

Metres of altitude: 653m


Panoramic view: