Vichtenstein, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Products from the region

Products from the region - Since September 2020, there has been a Lebenshilfe farm shop in the centre of Vichtenstein.
Four to five people with intellectual disabilities are accompanied by employees from the Lebenshilfe workshop in Münzkirchen, only about 10 km from Vichtenstein, who run the farm shop.
Pasta from Nudelmanufaktur Huber in Diersbach, meat and sausages from Schlachtgemeinschaft Schardenberg, oils and seeds from Pramoleum Sigharting, bread and pastries from Keimlingsbäckerei in Schardenberg and Bäckerei Feichtinger in St. Roman, dairy products from Silberbüffelhof in Esternberg and Cäcilia Hauser in Münzkirchen, fruit and vegetables from Pangerl in Pupping, Sauwald Erdäpfel from St. Ägidi, chokeberry products from the Etzl family in Raab, fruit juices from the Penzinger family in Esternberg and Naturmanufaktur Rager in Schärding, beer from the Trpistenbrauerei Engelhartszell, cheese specialities from Somann Käse in Esternberg, flour from the Kargl family in Esternberg, eggs from the Gradinger family in St. Roman, honey from the Friedl family in Vupping and from the Rager brewery in Schärding. Roman, honey from Friedl in Vichtenstein, muesli from Huemer Mühle in Altheim, spices and tea from the Schneiderbauer family in Lambrechten, coffee from Emmas Kaffee in Neumarkt, chocolate and biscuits from Bioart in Seeham, jams and sour vegetables from Wipplinger in Obernberg.
Our product range is complemented by beer, lemonade and mineral water from the Baumgartner brewery, and the cakes come from the Esternberg nursing home.

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Vichtenstein 70
4091 Vichtenstein

Phone +43 7716 7334
mobile +43 699 19693622
Fax machine +43 7716 7334 - 30

Contact person
Mrs Christine Weiretmayer
Vichtenstein 70
4091 Vichtenstein

Phone +43 7716 7334
mobile +43 699 19693622
Fax machine +43 7716 7334 - 30

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